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Appropriate Usage Level of Shrimp Waste Meal as Chitin Source for Feeding Young Crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus Esch. 1823)
Seval Bahadır Koca*, Nalan Ozgur Yigit, Arife Dulluc, Gonca Erol1, Nihal Cılbız1 and Ramazan Kucukkara1
University of Süleyman Demirel - Eğirdir Fisheries Faculty, 32500, Eğirdir - Isparta/Turkey; 1Eğirdir Fisheries Research Institute, 32500, Eğirdir-Isparta, Turkey
*Corresponding author:;


This study was conducted to determine effects of shrimp waste meal as natural chitin source at different rates (0 (control), 10, 20, 30 and 40% ) on growth, feed conversion ratio (FCR), survival of young  crayfish (1.61±0.04 g and 3.74±0.03 cm) for 60 days. Fifteen glass aquariums (70x30x40 cm) were used in the experiment and 20 individuals were stocked per aquarium (95/m2). The highest of final weight and weight gain were obtained in feed with 10% shrimp waste meal group (3.29±0.23 and 1.66±0.23 g), while the lowest of final weight and weight gain was obtained in fed with 40% shrimp waste meal group (2.75±0.35 and 1.18±0.37 g), respectively. However, non-significant differences were found between final weight, weight gain, specific growth rate, final total length, feed conversion ratio, survival percentage among groups at the end of experimental period. It was concluded that shrimp waste meal as natural chitin source can be used in young crayfish diets up to 40% without adverse effect influence on growth.

Key words: Chitin; Crayfish; Growth; Shrimp Waste Meal


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