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Bacillus anthracis Isolated from a Dog in Turkey
Zafer Sayin, OzgurOzdemir, Osman Erganis, Hasan Huseyin Hadimli, Asli Sakmanoglu, Eray Atil and Gokcenur Sanioglu
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Comparative Observation on the Piglets Infected with Porcine Circovirus Type 2 and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
Ching-qin Gu, Lu-lin Shi, Xue-ying Hu, Wan-po Zhang, Guo-fu Cheng and Qi-gai He
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Determination of Median Lethal Dose of Enrofloxacin Microemulsion in Mice
Xue-feng Yang, Dong-yang Liu, Qing-gong Han, Ya-wei Sun, Guo-ying Fan
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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field for the Treatment of Canine Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease
Stefania Pinna, Francesca Landucci and Valentina Cella
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Relationship between Blood Metabolic Hormones, Metabolites and Energy Balance in Simmental Dairy Cows during Peripartal period and Lactation
Radojica Djoković, Marko Cincović, Branislava Belić, Bojan Toholj, Ivana Davidov and Talija Hristovska
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Chronic Dual Exposure (Waterborne+Dietary) Effects of Cadmium, Zinc and Copper on Growth and their Bioaccumulation in Cirrhina mrigala
Muhammad Javed
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Design and Testing of a Device for Drug Infusion and Collection of Continuous or Batch Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) in Rats: Pharmacokinetic Study of CSF Fluorescein Injected Intravenously and Infused Minocycline
Carlos Valdes, Jose L Martinez and Claudio Laurido
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Quantitative Pathology of Canine Cortico-Cerebellar Degeneration
C Bianco, C Bombardi, G Gandini, A Gallucci, R Sirri, G Sarli and L Mandrioli
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Diagnosis of Metals Induced DNA Damage in Fish Using Comet Assay
Safina Kousar and Muhammad Javed
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Therapeutic Efficacy of Linezolid and Rifampicin against Experimentally Induced MRSA Mediastinitis in Rabbits
Muhammad Nadeem Asi, Ghulam Muhammad, Farah Deeba and Faqir Muhammad
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Foetal Anasarca in Two English bulldog Puppies
M Cunto, D Zambelli, C Castagnetti, N Linta and C Bini
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Experimental Investigation on Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale and Enterococcus faecalis Co-Infection in Chickens
Peng Zhao, Guojiang Wu, Qiang Zhang, Jun Chu, Chen Xie, Yifei Wang, Yanxin Deng, Yuxin Hao and Cheng He
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