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Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Some Scrotal Swellings in Bulls
Ashraf M. A. Abu-Seida
Department of Surgery, Anesthesiology & Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, P. O. # 12211, Cairo, Egypt Corresponding author:


Information regarding the use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of testicular and scrotal affections is scarce in bovine. In the present study, eight bulls suffering with scrotal swellings were examined ultrasonographically. The recorded affections included; ruptured urethra with scrotal swelling, testicular hypoplasia, malignant Sertoli cell neoplasm, hydrocele and scrotal hernia. In case of ruptured urethra, the scrotum appeared as thick hyperechoic skin, the testes showed normal echogenicity and the surrounding tissue showed diffuse anechoic areas separated by hyperechoic threads. The hypoplastic testis was less echogenic, and its rete testis was more echogenic, than the normal one. The neoplastic testis had several anechoic areas, hyperechoic masses and areas of normal testicular echogenicity. In hydrocele, the scrotal skin appeared as clear hyperechoic line with anechoic fluid accumulated in the vaginal cavity of the scrotum and both testes had normal echotexture. In scrotal hernia, a hyperechoic omental loop was seen adjacent to high echogenic testis. In conclusion, ultrasonography is a good tool for differential diagnosis of different scrotal swellings in bulls.

Key words: Bulls, Scrotum, Swellings, Ultrasonography


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