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The Pulmonate Limpet Siphonaria lessoni: Pharmacological Study of Norsiphonarienone, a Polipropionate
José L Martinez1*, Juana Rovirosa2, Claudio Laurido3, Aurelio San Martin2, Raul Vinet4 and Luisauris Jaimes3
1Vicerrectory of Research, Development and Innovation, University of Santiago of Chile; 2Faculty of Sciences, University of Chile; 3Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, University of Santiago of Chile; 4Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valparaíso & CREAS-Valparaíso, Chile; Died on October 09, 2017 *Corresponding author:


We presented a marine natural product, norsiphonarienone, isolated from Siphonaria lessoni, a pulmonate limpet of Central Chile. The norsiphonarienone was pharmacologically studied in rat thoracic aorta with endothelium previously contracted with phenylephrine. This technique has been widely used to describe pharmacological characterization and seek for mechanisms of action of natural products and other physiological phenomena. The main characteristics described are pD2 (-log EC50) and maximum effect or maximal contraction (Emax). The results show that norsiphonarienone induced a significant difference in the maximal contraction and also in the pD2 (-log EC50).

Key words: Norsiphonarienone, Pharmacological study, Rat thoracic aorta, Siphonaria lessoni


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